About Us

Cuisine for Healing® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making nutritious, delicious food readily available to people combating disease, while providing education about the power of healthy food. Our meals are available at no charge to those who qualify, and also at a reasonable price online for those who are interested in eating for optimal health, but may not qualify for the Outreach Food Program. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Cuisine for Healing was founded by the late Wendy Wilkie in 2006 as she fought her tenacious battle against cancer.

cuisine-for-healing-badge-tinyThe U.S. registered Cuisine for Healing Certification Mark signifies that a product, food or menu item meets a specific set of healthy guidelines. These requirements ensure that the food item must be organic (when possible) and free from hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, trans fats, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. Other ingredient and food preparation guidelines are also required to obtain Cuisine for Healing Certification.

This kind of healthy food is ideal for disease prevention and for anyone fighting a life-threatening disease, including Alzheimer’scancer patients, diabeticsheart patients and those with multiple sclerosis. Those facing a life-threatening disease have an even greater need to nourish their bodies for maximum health. However, those facing a health crisis and/or recovering from surgery are often too sick or too tired to shop and prepare meals for themselves.

Healthy, Delicious, Fresh Meals

To fulfill our mission, Cuisine for Healing has created a selection of fresh, healthy meals that are designed to:

  • Bolster the immune system
  • Clear the body of toxins
  • Help the body heal faster   

Cuisine for Healing Food Programs offer a selection of fresh, healthy meals. Each recipe meets the Cuisine for Healing guidelines and has been researched, tested and customized in order to include nutrients that provide significant health benefits and exclude ingredients that are harmful. The food is made available to the public for purchase and also to those who qualify through our Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program.

Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program

The Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program provides up to ten healthy nutritious fresh meals per week for up to ninety days at no cost to qualifying clients. Cuisine for Healing is now accepting qualified clients to participate in its Outreach Food Program. To learn more about qualifying for the Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program, please contact Cuisine for Healing at 817.921.2377.

Cuisine Meals for Purchase

Cuisine for Healing Certified Meals are available for purchase via our online shopping cart.  You can also call Cuisine for Healing at 817.921.2377 or email us at [email protected].    


Providing access to delicious, nutritious food is a critical piece of preventing illness and helping those who are combating life-threatening diseases. So is education. It’s important to know what to eat and what NOT to eat for optimal health and to promote healing. Caregivers also need this information. Cuisine for Healing offers educational programs and classes in our community, to provide information and promote the power of nutritious, healthy eating as an everyday lifestyle.