Outreach Food Program

The Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program serves qualifying cancer patients and others battling life threatening illnesses who reside in the Tarrant County area. The program offers a selection of fresh, healthy meals that are designed to bolster the immune system, clear the body of toxins and help the body heal faster.

Each recipe meets the Cuisine for Healing certification guidelines  and has been researched, tested and customized to include nutrients that provide significant health benefits and exclude ingredients that are harmful.

The Cuisine for Healing Outreach Referral Food Program offers healthy, nutritious, delicious meals which have been designed to bolster the immune system, clear the body of toxins, and help the body heal faster.  The Outreach Food Program provides up to 10 healthy Cuisine for Healing-Certified meals a week  at no cost to qualifying clients.

Fresh Healthy Delicious Meals

Since its inception in February, 2010 Cuisine for Healing’s Outreach Food Program has delivered more than 85,000 meals to low income, homebound clients in need working with local organizations such as:

  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Arlington Memorial Hospital
  • Cancer Care Services
  • Cancer Support Community North Texas
  • Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
  • Community Hospice of North Texas
  • Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center
  • JPS Cancer Center
  • Moncrief Cancer Center
  • National MS Society
  • Texas Health Resources Harris Hospital
  • Texas Oncology
  • USMD Hospital of Arlington
  • Other area health facilities and oncologists

Friends and family members pick up the food or Cuisine for Healing volunteers deliver it to the client’s home. Each month, our dedicated volunteers drive 1,900-2,200 miles to deliver these meals throughout Tarrant County.

The need for our services is great. The Texas Cancer Registry of the Texas Department of State Health Services predicts there will be approximately 6000 adults diagnosed with cancer in Tarrant County annually; of those, 15% will be below the poverty level, and 25% will not have insurance. Across the U.S., the National Cancer Institute estimates that roughly one-third of all cancer deaths may be diet-related.

How to qualify for the Outreach Food Program:

To qualify as a client for the Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program, you will need to visit with a Social Worker. If you do not have one, please contact the facility or physician where you are receiving care, as they should be able to refer you to a Social Worker. Your Social Working will collect the necessary family and financial information to verify that your family income ranks 150% OR BELOW the HHS Poverty Guidelines. If your Social Worker has any questions or needs any additional information, please have them contact Cuisine for Healing at 817-921-2377.

To download the Cuisine for Healing Client Referral Form, CLICK HERE.

The Outreach Food Program serves the lower income in Tarrant County who are battling a life threatening illness. Once you have been qualified and contacted by Cuisine for Healing, you will receive up to 3 months of Cuisine for Healing healthy packaged meals, delivered to your home at no charge while you are too sick to drive, shop, and cook for yourself.

Can I get the meals if I do not qualify for the Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program?

Yes, all of our certified meals are available for purchase on our website at www.cuisineforhealing.org. We also offer Gift Certificates that may be purchased on our website by friend and family members who would like to help someone with meals. When they purchase the Gift Certificate online, an email will be sent to you with a gift code. You may then go to our website, select the meals you want, pay for them with the gift code. These meals may be delivered to your home at no charge with a minimum of 3 Meals or can be picked up at our office at 1614 Mistletoe Blvd. Fort Worth, Texas 76104.  Please call our office at 817-921-2377 if you have any questions.

Our Ingredients

All of our meals are fresh and meet the Cuisine for Healing Guidelines.