Mission & Vision


Cuisine for Healing is a nonprofit organization committed to making nutritious, delicious food readily available to people combating life-threatening diseases, while providing education about the power of healthy food to help the body in the healing process.


A world where life-threatening illnesses are prevented, treated and even eliminated through the power of healthy food!


James Lewis, Outreach Food Program Client  

Meet James and hear him talk about his cancer journey and how Cuisine for Healing meals have helped him.

“Of the many stressors involved with cancer treatment, what to eat was one of the most challenging. The medical professionals on my care team didn’t send consistent messages. One would say, ‘we don’t want you to lose weight, so eat anything you want; your body interprets a calorie as a calorie. ‘ Another would say, ‘for your condition, a low fiber diet may be best, and you’ll need to rely on laxatives.’ At best, they would agree – ‘eat more fruits and vegetables’ – but even that contradicted the advice to eat low fiber.

So, when I discovered Cuisine for Healing it was like manna from heaven. Here was a group who understood what I knew to be true – nutrient-dense, chemical-free, healthy food DOES make a difference. My stress level dropped dramatically when I was able to stop worrying about what I was eating and focus, instead, on the optimum nutrition provided by Cuisine for Healing meals.

After 8 weeks of eating the Cuisine for Healing meals, my energy level improved, and I was in the best shape possible for surgery. Cuisine for Healing is life-giving and life-affirming. The individuals involved have an abundance of passion and compassion. I am so privileged to consider them a vital part of my cancer treatment team.”


“Eating this wonderful food helped me feel better and gave me more energy. It has changed the way I buy groceries. I love you all!!”


“I’ve been in constant treatment for the past two years for colon cancer. The CFH meals are the first food I’ve been able to eat that does not cause me pain. It has been a long time since I have gotten a good report from my treatment center but this month there was noticeable improvement and I know it is the meals. When I open my refrigerator and see these wonderful meals and all I have to do is heat one up, I thank God for this daily gift of love.”


“Coming home after surgery and having the Cuisine for Healing meals in my fridge was a God’s blessing. Thank you for being there for me when I was so sick.”


“After my mastectomy, there were CFH meals in my refrigerator when I got home. My doctor was amazed at the rate of my recovery. He stated that the only variable in the recovery treatment was the meals, and we both agree that they made a difference in the way I felt each day. What a blessing to have them brought to my house each week by your wonderful caring volunteers; please try to get these meals to every cancer patient that goes through surgery. Thank you so much for your help. God bless you.”


“I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and kidney failure..This food has been nothing but a blessing and makes me feel really great…I love each and every one of you for supporting me.”