Food- perception and vibration- what is it all about?

Did you know there is a whole study of why we eat what we do? In modern America we rarely eat because we are truly hungry. This is not to say we don’t have a true food shortage based on ability to buy and hunger does exist- especially among low income children. But if I were truly honest, I cant tell you the last time I would say I was truly hungry to the point of fatigue. Even a juice fast wont truly get you there. While at a fall yoga workshop, I drew an inspiration card about the perception of food- funny how the universe is right here even if not visible. A very appropriate message for a Health Coach!

Food psychology is the study of the mental processes behind how and why we eat.[1] While we may think of food consumption mainly from a biological perspective, research has shown that our eating habits are influenced by our perception of food as well as various other social and environmental stimulating factors.

World renowned food psychologist Brian Wansink has published many fascinating studies on some of the subtle conditions that contribute to mindless eating and also the causes of Food Craving. The insights gained from research in food psychology is also extremely beneficial to the people involved in food preparation such as dieticians, nutritionists, restaurant chefs and even parents.

Our Environment also affects how we react to food and what we choose to eat. The following factors are responsible:

  • Lighting
  • Odor
  • Noise and sound of music
Now lets see how these factors provokes us to eat more:
  • LIGHTING: Dimmed or softening lights comforts us to eat more, we become cozy in such environment and this factor in turn increases the time for food consumption. And we tend to eat more.
  • ODOR: Odor can put an impact directly on food consumption enhancement or suppression in the same. At the same time, we tend not to forget the odor. If ever bad odor persists, we take it as a bad experience.
  • Noise and the sound of music: Soft music generally encourages a slower rate of eating, and longer meal times and higher rate of consumption of food and drinks. In such an environment people tend to have desserts or drinks in addition to the normal course of the meal.[5]

We also develop many food perceptions when we are young such as the healing comfort of chicken noodle soup. We associate this with warmth and simplicity when we don’t feel good. We also gain a sense of love as we are being nurtured by a parent or loved one. This thought can be associated with any food for any reason which can also go in a negative direction. We frequently see this with emotional eating and eating disorders.

This brings me to the vibration of food. Sometimes this is a more difficult concept for people, but we need to remember that we are all electromagnetically charged beings on this planet. That includes humans, animals, plants and all that exists. When we consume food, we also consume these vibrations and they can affect our health positively or negatively. Animals who are not ethically raised and cared for as well as plants, have a negative vibration which can affect our bodies and our health. At Cuisine for Healing, we have made a commitment to purchase and cook ethically sourced foods whether they are animal or plant based. I personally make sure we are meeting our mission with all the food we serve.

So, when you order our food, you are consuming a nourishing vibration of ethically sourced foods cooked with love and integrity.

This is a recipe for healing. We hope you adopt this recipe as you go on your own culinary journey.

Happy Healthy Eating! Dana



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