Super Thought of the Week-Healing the Self

Sometimes what is old is new again- we are reaching that point in our history with healing.

While modern western medicine brings much to the table and sometimes is a very necessary choice, it doesn’t encourage us to go inward and seek the emotional issues that lie deep in us. Those issues we hang on too and tuck away in our tissues cause disease over the years. In yoga we say, “the issue is in the tissue” and no truer words were ever spoken. Many times we hang on to emotional garbage that isn’t even ours taking, mental responsibility for all and beating ourselves up.

According to Body and Adobe Healing, in Chinese Medicine, the organs are thought to hold memories of our emotions. For instance:
When someone has a disease of the lung, it is natural to look for an event in the life that provoked grief.  The event could be horrific, such as the death of a family member or job loss, or, it could be less significant like having to cancel vacation plans. (The person is sad because she can’t go on vacation. The lung holds grief). when this happens it causes and interruption of life force called Qi in Chinese. We must have energy flowing freely to all areas of our body to nourish cell, organs and tissue.
To elaborate on the scenario of the missed family vacation: You plan a trip to Disneyland with your family. At work, your company gets a new client who demands a tight turn around for her next project. The deadline is exactly when you are planning to be away. Your boss has asked you to lead the project. You cannot be away on vacation.
  • You feel anger at the situation (liver)
  • You feel sadness because you can’t take your family on vacation (lungs)
  •  You worry because your family is also sad, mad and unhappy (spleen)
  • You are stressed and anxious because the success or failure of this huge project falls on your shoulders (heart)
  • The anger, grief, sadness and anxiety causes Qi blockage or stagnation in the liver, lungs, spleen and heart.
  • The organs thus accumulate heat and dampness or cold and dryness. They lose homeostasis or balance.
  • The organs fail to move the Qi as they should
  • The organs fail to function properly
  • Bacteria, virus, fungus grow in one or more of these organs.
  • You develop digestion issues, breathing issues or blood pressure issues
  • Illness ensues

Storing pain and strong emotions results in a toxic buildup the same as ingesting heavy metals or pesticides.  This is a very hard concept for western thinking and medicine. Another amazing release that heals is forgiveness. It is very heavy and sluggish to carry around anger and resentment. Many times the person that the anger is directed towards has moved on and forgotten the incident while it festers in another with no place to go.

How do you let go and heal? Several ways that should all be practiced are:

  1. Meditation- This is the act of listening to the Universe and Creation. Prayer is the act of talking to the Universe and Creation. Listening is very hard for modern day humans!
  2. Journaling- Write it down, then let it go. Tear it up, burn it or tuck it under a crystal healing grid. Ask the Universe to bring you peace and release.
  3. Forgive yourself daily- allow yourself to be human and know that that you are a perfect being having an imperfect experience.
  4. Make a list each morning of 5 amazing things about your life. Small is very impactful- you may be grateful for a working alarm clock!
  5. Last, find a rainbow in all that happens. I used to tell my kids, ‘Something good always comes out of something less than desirable.” You may not see it, but the Universe will always maintain balance.

What does this have to do with food? All things , living or not contain a vibration. High vibrations are healing, low drag you down. Food raised ethically and respectfully with thanks to Mother Earth has a high healing vibration. Food grown and prepared with loves transmits love.

Happy Healthy Eating! Dana


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